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Mock Driving Test

What is a Mock Driving Test meant for?

A Mock Driving Test is a practice driving test which will take place in a setting similar to the one you will experience at your driving test. This mock test can help you pass your driving test on the first attempt.

We have decided to implement mock tests since learners will get a first-hand experience of how they will be tested and how they need to pass their test.

The day you have your driving test, it can get pretty stressful and hard due to many reasons. These issues can be solved by doing a mock test. These mock tests will be able to prepare you for the driving test by giving you first-hand experience of the driving test.

Why should you take these mock tests?

Our mock tests will take place on roads that the RMS use to conduct their driving tests. This will help you understand all the tips, tricks and skills needed to pass the driving test on your first go.

How do mock driving tests help learners?

  • Mock tests are made to help learners deal with stress that could be present while the learner is doing their driving test
  • These mock tests will provide learners with tips and tricks on how to satisfy your assessor and pass with great marks
  • These mock tests will alert you of any strengths and weaknesses you may have (we will help you fix your weaknesses too!)

Some people may suffer from anxiety while doing the driving test and this can result in failing the test. We aim to remove the stress and teach you all you need to pass the test which will hopefully make you pass your RMS driving test like a piece of cake.

We recommend you take atleast 1 mock test before taking the driving test so that you can make sure you have higher chances of passing.

How does a mock test help you pass the test?

According to some of our previous mock tests, these mock tests help the learners understand what the assessor will expect from the learner. This means that you will be able to do everything the assessor will ask you to do and as long as you remember how to do everything and you’ll be well on your way too passing the driving exam with high marks.

The instructor will be assessing you like how an RMS assessor would and this will help you build confidence when taking the real exam.

How does being nervous reduce the chances of passing your test?

  • Being nervous can result in you making mistakes which may result in you failing the test

We know it is common for learners to feel nervous before and while taking their driving tests. Being nervous however can cause you to make errors and in the worst case scenario, fail the test. This is why taking a mock test can greatly reduce the chances of failing since you tackle your nervousness which may be responsible for you failing the test.

What do you focus on when we take the mock test?

  • We focus on finding your mistakes and then teaching you how to do it correctly
  • We focus on giving the learner an first-hand experience of how the testing environment will be like
  • We will assess your driving and give you our verdict

Here at Bankstown Driving School, we aim to find your mistakes and then refining them so that you don’t make those same mistakes at your test. We also focus on giving you a first-hand experience on what the testing environment will be like which will most likely reduce the nervousness and stress you may have while taking the exam. Finally, we will assess your driving and give you a verdict on: What mistakes you made, how you can fix those mistakes and we will also give you a guess on whether we think you will be able to pass or not.

Should I book a mock test?

  • Only book a mock test before your test
  • Book a mock test if you feel that you may have missed something in your previous lesson
  • Book a mock test if you want to get a first-hand experience of how your driving test will turn out.

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